AI boosts sales revenue

by surging conversion rates and cross-selling opportunities

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Do you know how much sales time is wasted while driving?

The number of hours field sales reps spend driving in the US per year.
The average time wasted between client visits per day.
Of field reps admit they don’t prepare enough for sale visits.

ForceManager Cognitive
transforms this lost time to sales

Ideal for <br>driving

Ideal for

Ask Dana any sales-related question

Data backed <br>sales strategy

Data backed
sales strategy

Analyze thousands of real-time data points for unprecedented insight

Maximize <br>productivity


Save hours reporting comments, notes, emails and updates

“Hey Dana,
what’s next?”

Activate Cognitive by saying “Hey Dana, what’s next?” for a summary of your day, where your next sales visit is and when.

Be prepared in minutes!

“Hey Dana, brief me on my next client” Dana reads the latest interactions you had with a client such as emails, phone calls, texts or previous orders.

Maximize client retention

“Hey Dana, show me clients in the area” Within seconds you’ll be able to view the list, deciding which clients need your immediate attention ensuring they’re not lost to the competition.

Where the Best of mobile meets the Best of AI

Design for iOS 11 with IBM Watson

“At first it seemed
too good to be true.”

James Taylor - Sales and Marketing Manager at Bare Metal Standard

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ForceManager Cognitive has to offer.

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